Isoneva is a wind farm located in the Municipality of Siikajoki with a total electricity production capacity of 126 MW.

The project was developed in-house by Taaleri Energia with Intercon Energy. The wind farm is owned by Taaleri Energia managed fund, Taaleri SolarWind II, together with co-investors.

The wind farm has 21 Vestas 6.0 MW turbines with a 35-year O&M contract. The project has signed a 15-year PPA with Suomen Voima Oy, a Finnish company owned by municipal/city energy companies.

The construction of Isoneva wind farm was completed in February 2023 and the find farm is fully operational.

126 MW
capacity of wind power
Offsetting around 105 000 tonnes of CO2 per year of operation
21 wind turbines
Providing electricity for
around 37 000 households
Estimated production
330 GWh / year